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Sunday, February 22, 2009


i started doodling the page at first.. tried to translate the song through some simple sketches and into panels of ideas.. adapted the song into sequences of comic art.. it was all random but yet it took me quite awhile weaving about the structures behind it.. it might be meaningless to others.. it might mean something to someone.. i don't know, but (personally) i like the way it makes me feel every time i spent my time making these kind of thing.. i enjoy the process of coming up with something out of nowhere.. putting thoughts into pictures.. painting a blank canvas.. and lastly, making up the stories behind it. :)


  1. i agree with your you draw
    or make sketching in your comic... its sound me music is without music is nothing... both of that is must go on together... i call it harmony... music control our hand in drawing... if we hear metal music maybe we will draw agressifly...and ect...sori tak reti sangat english...kalo silap english cincai kira la...

  2. awesome as usual, dude!

    kawe baru jupo blog demo...
    nnt kawe letok link blog demo
    la kat blog kawe!

  3. thank you thank you!

    kawe nk g kelih blog demo plop..!

  4. Adehla Oren..ko nih officially Sifoo aku no 2, lepas si Jakallludin aa..hehehe...personal fav? Nerdika hands down :)

  5. aisey salah bad!

  6. huhu~ terharu plak rase di hati.. tengkiu so much cik suraya!

  7. pergh kaler ko.. syetail dowh :P
    admire giler

  8. tengkiu acit! terase bangge plak aku tibe-tibe..


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